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Who is Big Brain Marketing?

Our creative team has over  50 years of marketing, graphic design, website creation and real estate strategy. We can guide you to sucess. We can help you create your social media content. We listen to what you need. We’ll send you different templates and we can help you pick the one that matches your branding.  Don’t have branding yet? We can help with that too!


We carefully listen to what your social marketing needs are for real estate and graphic design. You set the tone, we'll help set the style.


Send us your listing's images and we'll create beautiful graphics that showcase the property. We can even create video slide shows as well.


We pride ourselves on upfront pricing. Scroll down to get pricing. We'll help you get back to the important stuff.

Social Media Graphics Made for You

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Need a quick image?
$ 29
One and Done
  • Single Image

Brain Storm

Wow you're doing great
$ 99
One Listing
  • Just Listed Image
  • Just Sold Image
  • Under Contract Image
  • Animation
  • Video Slide Show MP4

Lightbulb Moment

Marketing plan for agents on the go!
$ 79
One Listing
  • Just Listed Image
  • Under Contract
  • Just Sold Image
  • Animation

Don't let your social media grow stale

We all start out with the best intentions. Wanting to grow our social media presence but it just takes a lot of time and work to do. The problem is that the time it takes to create content for social media.  Real estate agents like you are busy! Broker trainings, MLS listings, showings, price reductions, marketing. There’s hardly any time for yourself.  That’s why we here at big brain marketing want to help you. Just one less thing you have to worry about.

What else can you help me with?

Social Media Organic Growth High Quality Leads

Social Media is one of the best things any real estate agent can invest their efforts into. Why? Because when you are active on social media people can see that you're active. Some folks don't really use email so social media content can drive business and high quality leads. Best of all once your content is created it's ever-green marketing, meaning that it can be found long after it's posted.

Supercharge your Business with Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook ADS have a fantastic ROAS or Return on Ad Spend. We specialize in creating Facebook and Instagram advertisements that speak to your customers.

Beautiful Landing Pages that Generate Leads

Our buyer landing pages will create a single property website that will capture your clients information. But if you need landing pages for sellers? Perhaps you do rentals or want to showcase another aspect of your business? We can create these landing pages and add them to your Wordpress website.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Is your website up and running but no one is calling? It may be time for a little SEO work (Search Engine Optimization). Our SEO Tune-Up service includes helping you lower your page load time and adding tags that help Google to get to know what your website is all about.

Website Creation

Don't have a website? Without one, It's difficult to showcase your work, personality and business proposition. We can create a IDX Wordpress site for you. A dynamic website to be proud of.


Nothing encapsulates your message like a logo. We can design a logo that can beautifully highlight and detail your brand.

Branding and Consultation Service

Not sure where to focus your efforts or your branding? We can help. We'll look at your past performance, find your niche and build customer profiles. This can help shape your logo and future advertising.

CRM Customer Relationship Manager

If you don't have a CRM, we can make a suggestion for one depending on your needs, but if you do have one but it needs some maintenance, we can help clean out old records or import new records.

Video Editing Services

We can take your raw footage and edit it into a beautiful video that tells your story. This is perfect for slide shows of images, introduction videos. We can even make video with stock footage if you don't want to be in them personally.

Our Testimonials

Reviews from Clients

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Imagine Sucess

 Having your social media start being a source of leads is an amazing feeling. It’s hard to know exactly when the organic growth starts to take off but what is clear is once you get lead, they will feel like they know you already. It will be easy to convert leads that come in from your social media. With an active social media presence you can show potential clients that you are successful and why they should work with you.

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